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Postautor: chmurka88 » 17 wrz 2009 15:41

Zadzwonił do mnie właśnie numer taki 02202. Odebrałam ale ja sierota z z moim angielskim kaleczonym ;P zrozumialam tylko ze pyta czy ja to ja :D jak potwierdzilam , dorzucił jescze kilka zdan i do zobaczenia . Hm i tak sie zastanawiam co to za numer moze byc ? poczekam az moj brat poliglota :P wroci ze szkoly to tam przedzwoni , tylko kurde ten numer nie daje mi spokoju bo jakis taki dziwny ..

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Postautor: banita » 17 wrz 2009 15:52

w google jest o tym masa


I had been getting daily calls from this number (02202) and wasnt answering as it was always during work. One day straight after I topped up via credit card it rang me again and the person on the line said they were calling on behalf of O2 and offering me an upgrade to my tarriff. I was really keen as I seem to spend a fortune and this seemed perfect so, quite foolishly, I provided them with most of my personal details, address, previous address, date of birth, email address and bank sort code/account number. They said they were doing a credit check and would call me back.

As soon as I hung up my phone I thought something was up, I've heard of all of these scams and I'm normally quite alert and intelligent (who knows what I was thinking) so I immediately went into panic mode.

I phoned O2 to check if it was them and after speaking to 5 seperate departments (as is typical with call centres!!!) they said they could neither confirm nor deny that it was them but they had no record. I then phoned my bank who advised that there was limited damage as i hadnt given them the long card number but that i could be victim of identiy theft and should call the police.

When I spoke to my local police station they advised me that in scotland identity theft isnt against the law so they couldnt open an incident. As a result I did start to panic big time. I registered with Equifax identity theft protection package which alerts you to new credit on your name for a monthly fee in the hope that if something did come up on my name, I would be alerted and could deal with it before it got out of hand. To give myself some piece of mind!

HOWEVER, 2 days later I received an email from O2 welcoming me to the new tarrif and confirming some of the details which was set up. It seems it was for real.

I dont normally post in the forum but I felt that I should put this on here for anyone who is genuinely worried that they have been scammed. Its likely been an external commission based agency working on behalf of O2 as it seems it was with me. I cancelled the new tarriff/sim in the end as the guy on the phone wasnt accurate with the terms and conditions and it wasnt for me.

sorry nie chce mi sie tlumaczyc, brat ci wytlumaczy :)

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Postautor: banita » 17 wrz 2009 15:53

a jakby ktos nie chcial takich telefonow miec to polecaja http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/

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tps nie dziala i tak dzwonia.

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